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If you love to support local restaurants, food trucks, and vendors like we do, then you may spend some time attending festivals, music events, and other activities in your area. After living in the Hampton Roads area for more than 5 years, there we were again at another event on a beautiful day- great food and retail vendors, live music, and fantastic friends. Unfortunately, the one downfall attending these popular events are the lines to purchase food.

My wife was in line approaching hour number 2. She was missing the live music, spending time with family and friends, and perusing the jewelry at some of the other vendors. Instead, she watched the sky go from bright and sunny to fading to dusk. I would have left the line a long time ago but she is a self-proclaimed foodie. At each event while she is standing in line for food, I would normally go and check on her to see how the wait is going and she would usually say “it’s okay”; but this time it was different. When I checked on her to ask how she was doing, she turned to me and said “Babe, why are we still doing this? Why are we still standing in line? There is an app for everything! Why isn’t there an app where I can order and pay for my food, get notified when it is ready and walk over to pick it up? This will allow people to continue to enjoy the event or if they are have a short lunch break they can get back to work without rushing.”

She was just vocalizing her frustration but I heard a resolution to a problem that could enhance and ultimately revolutionize the experience for consumers and vendors everywhere. I knew that something had to be done and VendorDine was the solution.

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Our mobile app eliminates consumers standing in line while purchasing from vendors, food trucks, or any other restaurant. The single objective is to position VendorDine as the premier app of choice for vendors and consumers. VendorDine will become the industry leader for app usage and bring the vendor and customer together in an ecommerce setting while promoting an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide an alternative to everyday consumers who may need to quickly order on the go and do not have time to stand in line, want to enjoy the convenience of online ordering while attending an event, or prefer the online ordering method to make daily purchases.

We hope that you enjoy the VendorDine app just as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life. We look forward to your feedback/suggestions and remember: “Why Stand In Line When There’s VendorDine”?




Skip the line, download our app today! Place your order, pay, and track your purchase from beginning to end. A text message will be sent from the vendor when your order is ready.
Why Stand in Line When There’s VendorDine.

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