Cost of App Usage

Vendor: A free 90 day membership for the first 10 vendors who signup to partner with VendorDine. For all others, a free 30 day membership trial will commence at start of subscription and end on day 30. On day 31 if we do not receive a cancellation request in writing your account will be charged $15 and will reoccur every 30 days until cancellation notice is received.

Seasonal vendors: At the end of your season please send us a notice in writing to inform us that your season is over and we will place your account in a dormant status. Once ready to restart your season a simple email stating that you are ready to use VendorDine again and we will reactivate your account. Be advised the $15 monthly fee must be paid prior to reactivating your account.

Users:  A convenience charge of $1 will be applied per transaction

VendorDine places no limit on the number of transactions a vendor makes.


Transactions will be disbursed to your bank account within 1-2 business days after the transaction has settled in the Braintree gateway. Regardless of the number of transactions processed, you will receive a maximum of 1 deposit per day. We will need to have your bank account information during the onboarding process in order to deposit funds directly into your bank account. If your funding source is your bank account, you will see a descriptor for each disbursement on your bank statement:


To a Venmo account

Alternatively, if we use your email address or mobile phone number instead of a bank account during onboarding, you will receive funds via Venmo. If your email address or phone number is associated with an existing Venmo account, funds will automatically be disburse to that account.

If we can’t find a match, we will send you an email or text message the first time we disburse funds requesting that you create a new Venmo account to accept the payment. Create your venmo account at

If you are prompted to create a Venmo account, you will have 30 days to do so. If you do not take action, you will not receive your funds. Braintree do not send disbursement exception webhooks in these cases, so manual follow-up will be required.
The disbursement exception webhook will notify you if any disbursements to you fail. When it comes to this webhook, no news is good news. Banks and Venmo don’t send confirmation of successful disbursements, so you will only receive a webhook if there is a problem.

Each disbursement exception webhook includes one of the following codes:

  • bank_rejected: The bank or account information provided was not correct
  • insufficient_funds: There are not enough funds in the master merchant account to cover any fees, chargebacks, and/or refunds
  • account_not_authorized: The bank or Venmo had a problem with the disbursement (e.g. account was closed or suspended)

The webhooks above are the only way you will be notified of problems with disbursements.


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